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Anhiel Synim
[[File:{{{image}}}|292x400px|Anhiel Synim]]
Hometown Ilyano
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 1.88 m
Weight 178 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Sapphire
Battle Stats
Laterality Right
Weapon Glass Bow
Ultimate Weapon Cosmos
Magical Speciality Elemental
Real World Information
Actor {{{Actor}}}
Character Creator N. Fritts
The Manipulators Character

Anhiel Synim (Anhi) was a warrior from the village of Ilyano on Barteld. He is one of the main protagonists of the upcoming film The Manipulators from N. Fritts.

Early Life

Synim was born to a middle class family from the village of Ilyano. He lived a fairly sheltered life for the early years of his life, however, when he turned six, he stumbled upon an ancient book buried in the sand. This book was The Annals of Magic, which was written near the time of the foundation of the nation of Layil. This book was written almost exclusively for the Beholders of the Gift, which was an order of magic-wielding guardians that formed and dissolved long before the village was built on top of their monastary. Since that time, all citizens of Barteld have been allowed to practice magic but few have. Synim began to study the book and practice the techniques.

Teenage Years

When Synim became a teenager, he began to truly develop his skills as a magic weilder. His parents did not love the idea, but they went along with it anyway. In this time he learned how to bind magic with weapons. For this reason he began to carry a bow and arrows, which he infused with different types of magic.


Synim has medium length brown hair that has the ends dyed teal. He is fairly tall for a human at about 1.88 m, most of his height is in his legs. He has a medium build. He usually wears a series of painted plates that cover his torso as well as his lower legs and feet.

Powers and Abilities


Synim carries a large blue glass bow that he carries across his back. He keeps a quantity of glass arrows on his right hip. He also keeps a high density green glass sword that hangs on his hips, but he only uses it in extreme cases.

Ultimate Weapon

In the film, Synim recieves a new weapon from the gods toward the end of the journey. It is still a glass bow that is named Cosmos. It features a greater flexability and more glass flourishes.

Magical Abilities


Synim has almost perfected the use of the elemental magic skills, which include water, fire, ice, air, and lightning. Most often he binds the abilty to his arrows or his sword.


Synim has a fairly good grasp of healing magic, but is unable to use it at any distance more than a few meters.

Protection and Debilitating

Synim has very little ability with regards to these two fields of magic. He has tried using them a few times, but they generally end badly.

Physical Abilities

Synim has a medium build, which lends him greater agility than most of his companions. This allows him to move more nimbly on the battlefield as well as reach areas that the others cannot.

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