The Earth seen from Apollo 17

The Earth

Region Home Region
Sector Sol Sector
System Sol System
Sun(s) The Sun
Orbital Position 3
Moon(s) 1
Grid Position G7
Planet Class Terrestrial
Diameter 12800 km
Atmosphere 78.08% nitrogen (N2)
20.95% oxygen (O2)
0.93% argon
0.038% carbon dioxide
~ 1% water vapor
Terrain Varies
Climate Temperate
Gravity Standard
Native Species Human
Immigrated Species N/A
Primary Language Hundreds
Population > 1 trillion
Major Cities Washington D.C., American Alliance

London, England

Paris, France

Major Exports Technology


Major Imports Resources
Affiliation None
The Earth is the home planet of the Humans. It is also the capital of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Earth is the source of all time measurement in the Galaxy.

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