Katrii Clytun
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Physical Description
Age 17
Height 1.67 m
Hair Color Red
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Laterality Left
Social Information
Home Alensa, Barteld
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Katrii Clytun was a warrior from the village of Alensa on Barteld. She is one of the main protagonists of the upcoming film The Manipulators. Katrii's primary talent with magic is with Sabotage magic.

Katrii was born in a port village called Alensa to a dock hand named Rajon and a local healer named Shatrii. Shatrii was a spirited and fee soul that became enamored with Rajon's blunt charm and rough looks. She was soon pregnant of him and they wed. Shatrii fled the village and her unwanted marrage in the middle of the night, only two weeks after Katrii's birth. This left Katrii at home with a resentful father who spent sixteen plus hours on shore or was out on lengthy fishing excursions with his crew. This gave her much free time to do what she chose. Finding it hard to support a child alone, Rajon didn't object to Katrii's thieving phase.