Protectors of the Balance
Title of Leader Grand Master
Governing Body Grand Council
Other Positions Master




Headquarters Maedra
Official Language(s) Maedran


Affiliated Organizations Maedran Coalition

Independent Coalition of Systems

Holy Text(s) Word of Vedo
Deities .
Notable Locations Maedra
Relics/Artifacts Shard of Power

The Balance

Date of Founding 314,562 BKR
Planet of Founding Maedra
Founder(s) Vedo
The Protectors of the Balance are an order of people who carry out the will of Vedo, the chief god of Maedra. The Protectors made use of a series of elemental abilities, which are bestowed to certain Maedrans upon birth. The Protectors also helped to maintain peace and prosperity for the Maedran Coalition.


There are several levels embedded within the heirarchy of the Protectors.

Grand MasterEdit

The Grand Master of the Protectors is the most trained and proficient Master of the Protectors. Often times due to his/her advanced age, s/he does not participate in missions. The Grand Master, however, is usually able to defeat all enemies without much trouble.

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