Republic of the Stars
Type of Government Unicameral Constitutional Republic
Founding Document Declaration of Democracy
Constitution Republic Constitution
Head of State Supreme Ambassador
Commander-in-Chief Supreme Ambassador
Executive Branch Ambassador's Office
Legislative Branch Senate of the Republic
Judicial Branch High Court
Capital Teras'Urb
Official Language Moranuman
Currency Straseri
Number of Member Systems 5 Billion Star Systems
Date of Establishment 54171 PI
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The Republic of the Stars (Moranuman: Redimopubli Stasera) is the main government of the humanly named Black-Eye Galaxy. The government is often refered to as simply the Republic. It is broken into 14 large regions that are used almost exclusively for navigation, except for the regional senates, which help decide more local issues. Politically the Republic is broken into over 2000 subregions that are each given representation in the Senate.

Political PhilosophyEdit

The Republic's main goal, as established in the Declaration of Democracy, is to provide freedom and protection to all Sentient Beings in the Galaxy. For the most part this is acheived through the Senate and the Republic Navy.