The Senate of the Republic of the Stars is the leading government body of the Republic. The Senate was created by Article Two of the Republic Constitution.

Members of the SenateEdit

As established by Article Two Section One of the Constitution,

"The Senate is to be comprised of a single sentient being from each member system."

The Term of a Senator is outlined in Section Two,

"The term of a Senator is restricted to five standard years, except in the case that more than half the Senate is to be replaced in the coming election, in which case half of the Senators' terms will be extended to eight years. A senator is not restricted to the number of terms by the Galactic Government, however member systems have the right to limit the number of terms."

The election of a Senator is written in Section Three,

"All Senators are to be elected by a general election by sentients in the member system. A candidate must receive more than fifty percent of the vote. Should the majority candidate not have fifty percent, a second vote of the top two candidates will be taken and the victor shall become Senator of the member system."

Powers of the SenateEdit

The Senate has powers that are defined by Article Two Section Four of the Constitution,

"The Senate has the power and responsibilty to create and enforce all laws throughout the domain of the Republic. The Senate is hereby given the power to conduct war against another party of Instellar power that poses a threat deemed significant. Finally the Senate is given the responsibility to regulate all trade that occurs on a Galactic Level."

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