The Supreme Ambassador of the Republic of the Stars, also known as Supreme Ambassador, Ambassador, or Leader of the Senate is the title of the Head of State of the Republic of the Stars. The Supreme Ambassador has a very prominent office in the Republic Senate Building on Teras'Urb.

Appointment of the AmbassadorEdit

The Supreme Ambassador was elected from and by the Senate to serve for up to two terms. As defined by the Republic Constitution the term of a Supreme Ambassador was originally only two years, but with the 23rd Ammendment this was extended to six years. A Supreme Ambassador may be removed at any point by a majority vote in the Senate. The Supreme Ambassador was also immediately removed from power if the High Court should raise viable charges against him/her. The Supreme Ambassador could also be removed, as according to Article 4 Section 1 of the Constitution, by a coalition of member citizens that exceeds in number the population of eight regional sectors, which is a majority.

Powers & ResponsibilitiesEdit

The Supreme Ambassador has very little real power. What power the position does have is outlined clearly in the Constitution in Article Three, which deals with the creation of the position. For the most part the Supreme Ambassador has the power to conduct sessions of the Senate, which is set out in Section 2. According to Article 3 Section 3 of the Constitution, the Ambassador may call a special session of the Senate in times of crisis, but this was to be used sparingly. Section 4 stated that the Ambassador may also move around certain aspects of Senate procedure in similar times of crisis. Section 5 deals with the Ambassador's ability to conduct war. This section also gave the Supreme Ambassador control over the military during times of war, but added the contingency that the Ambassdor may not act without the agreement of the Senate beyond two standard months.

Despite all of these restrictions, the position is greatly coveted and the elections can become very heated.